New pictures from my French Market


The trucks start pulling into the center of town ‘Place aux Herbes’ at 4:30 am; its been the food center and trading place since the 12 century. Little has changed. The plane trees are beautiful. Here was some of today’s fare!


Mrs. G.,
For the seafood pics, what was the white meat/flesh cut up in long strips?


Very large squid/octopus. Delish.


Your market is like our markets… but cheaper! :smile:


Its great! And so fresh.


I thought prices in Portugal should be lower than in France, no?


Hi! Yes that’s what i sayed… no? Here we have lower prices…


It reads the other way around.




No problem, glad we got it figured out. :slight_smile:


I thought it looked like squid but have never seen one that big. I love eating squid.


I do too.


It’s like squeed but bigger, we call it pota


See that is the problem with my brain, it tries to translate stuff into different languages yet it keeps the english sentence structure.