New pollinators for Bella Gold and Sweet treat pluerry discovered

I believe that I discovered new pollinators for Bella Gold Peacotum. I hand pollinated my bella gold peacotums flowers with Flavor delight aprium, dapple dandy pluot, and mariposa plum pollen, and so far it appears that the fruitlets are starting to swell.

I hand pollinated them because the bees didn’t seem to be interested in the Bella gold peacotum flowers, so I decided to pollinate them by hand.

Since my Flavor Delight aprium and Mariposa plum were the first ones to bloom, I decided to grab some pollen from both trees and pollinate the Bella golds. Then, a few days later my dapple dandy pluot (part of a four-in-one pluot) started to bloom, thus I grabbed pollen from it and I pollinated the Bella golds.

Also, after I finished pollinating every peacotum flower, I color coded them with yarn, the ones pollinated by DD pluot I used red yarn, those pollinated by FD aprium, I used a green one. And those pollinated by mariposa , I didn’ t tagged them. lol.

Here is a list of trees are were flowering when my Bella Gold peacotums were in bloom:

Flavor Supreme pluot.
Flavor King pluot.
Goldkist Apricot—didn’t produced enough pollen to polinate any flower.

Oh, about two weeks ago my sweet treat pluerry produced one flower (it is in full bloom right now), so I hand pollinated it with dapple dandy pollen and Good news! It now has a tiny fruit.

Right now, my Burgundy plum, flavor king pluot and sweet treat pluerry are now in full bloom, but for some reason, the bees are avoiding my burgundy plum. But, the good news is that they are jumping from my Dapple Dandy pluot to my sweet treat pluerry, and some from my flavor king pluot to my sweet treat pluerry.

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Is the fact that a small little fruitlet hangs on mean that it has been pollinated or is it possible that the small fruitlet will drop in the future? I say this because my sweet treat pluerry bloomed about a week and a half ahead of my burgundy plum and i still see some small fruitlets on the pluerry. I am really hoping that there was some overlap but I dont want to get too excited. I saw the same thing as you did with bees and other pollinators overlooking burgundy plum and focusing on sweet treat pluerry. Good luck.

What kind of bees are they? Brady

hello. I was wondering how you hand pollinated your pecotum? I have this tree and a pluot and apricot planted within 10 feet of each other for pollinization. The pecotum flowered beautifully but set no fruit i think because of the lack of bee activity.

Last year’s crop failed due to a late-March frost. I hand-pollinate them.

This year, my inground peacotum set a couple of fruit. It was pollinated by my proprietary F1 Moorpark Apricot.


My question is how do you go about hand pollinating? I’ve never done anything like that before. Of course, I’ll have to wait until next year but at least I’ll be ready. Any advice or tips on getting my royal lee and minnie royal cherry trees to set fruit? Again, all four trees are flowering beautifully but very very few if any fruit sets. thanks