New primocane blackberry variety

It is incorrect to say that U Ark is competing with itself because they are not alone in producing the plants growing on federal land grant property in Ark. Nahla Bassil is the leading player in terms of research contribution to blackberry breeding.

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it looks like Thunderhead has Prime Ark Freedom as a parent… wonder if it will have any flavor to speak of

I still haven’t seen it for sale anywhere, nor “Celestial” which I’m also interested in

These are USDA releases as far as i know… and after they write their papers…they dont really seem to care if the people get them or not.

I think EMCO CAL which seems to me to be poorly run takes them and sends them all over the world. The propagation houses then get them and IF a nursery seems interested they buy them…if they dont sell well then you never hear from them again.

They are on the list at the propagation houses… so maybe spring?

Thunderhead has thorns…so you better buy it when you see it for sale… because modern humans hate thorns and it probably wont sell well.