New prunus hybrids trees for 2023?

Are there any nurseries selling new prunus hybrids for 2023?

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Are you saying there are even more prunus hybrids? There seems to be a lot already with the spice zee necta plum, tri lite peach plum, aprium, pluot, pluerry etc. I know Raintree and One Green World both sale those but you have made posts on those.


Yes, there is a Nectarcot and a peachcot but those are only available at the farmers markets in California (peachcot) and Washington ( Nectarcot, Collins family orchard). And when Raintree Nursery introduced Nadia cherryplum, it introduced it as a surprise. So I was wondering if other nurseries will do the same.

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When I searched for Nectarcot and peachcot I did not find anything for a peachcot I did find a Nectarcot tree for sale however. Issue is it seems to be a Gurney’s exclusive and Gurney’s does not ship to certain states like mine in CO while other nursery will for some reason. Gardens Alive seems to be selling it too but given the restrictions I would think may be connected to Gurney’s as well.

Edit: here is the link to the Nectacot Honey Pearls Nectacot Tree | Gurney's Seed & Nursery Co.

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The sugar pearls are just pure apricots.

They claim the name is honey pearls. I presume that is different. They do say sugar pearls is a good pollinator for it. Other than that I can’t find anything on that however. Dave Wilson has a thing called color cots on their website which claims certain trees had a limited release in California which could be what you claim. They don’t point to any store selling them though. Weirdly enough Dave Wilson does not list things like Cot and Candy, Summer Delight or the zone 6 aprium that many sell on their website but list all these other aprium too.

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Out of all of these hybrids, are any of them bred for disease resistance in the East? Asking because I haven’t committed to any stone fruit other than bush cherries for fear of increasing sprays with minimal free time.


@itheweatherman when are you going to release an interspecific hybrid with great fruit?


I was thinking of releasing a peach x almond rootstock hybrid next year.

Dave Wilson Nursery also has an interesting hybrid, but it’s only available for commercial growers only. It’s called Sunset Delight.

Seed parent: Dapple fire Pluot x Nectarine.

Pollen parent: plum x Nectarine.