New rare apple in Michigan

I’ can’t imagine Richard or jujubemulberry getting away with growing this…Its called a ghost apple. Best of all they have zero calories…


Never seen it in person myself, but its a really cool effect that happens with freezing rain…



So cool it’s making me shiver. Very nice picture. It does look ghostly.

I don’t think they’d set fruit in your climate … you don’t have enough chill hours.



…bumping this in case anyone finds one!


From what I read, they were rotting apples on the tree that got glazed over by freezing rain. While pruning, some of the mushed apples fell to the ground through the bottom of the ice glaze and the ghost apple remained intact. Pretty cool.

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These are pretty common here. Lots of ice storms.

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Had a picture of one once, the apple had not fully dissolved (the skin was still there) and the ice shell was lacy and jagged.

It was a “you had to be there moment”.

The shell was barely visible in the picture.