New red flesh apple I’ve never seen anyone else?

I’ve never seen this one before. Anyone know anything about it or is it another rename variety. Red King Red Flesh From grandpas orchard.

I just can’t seem to find any early pink lady available unless your commercial and order 30 trees. Anyone know where I can get just one tree?

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I have obtained the variety, and have the branched tree in a 15 gallon pot. I am NOT going to be cutting any scions off it. Until I have gotten some fruit from it.

As to information about it or if it’s renamed…I’m still trying to discern the same things you are asking. One place says it’s a Red Delicious x a red crab probably open pollinated. (originating possibly at Grandpa’s or Roots to Fruits.) (I’ve not called and asked to speak to someone that might could shed more light on it’s origins.)

If it truly is large, dark red fleshed, and has Red Delicious in it’s ancestry, then I’ll probably be happy I obtained the expensive tree–time’ll tell. I might have bought a pig in a poke.

As for Pink Lady…the big box stores carry it in springtime in the KY/TN/NC region. I grafted it last year, can’t recall if it took or didn’t at the moment, I’d have to check. It needs a longer season than Granny Smith or Arkansas Black, and is disease prone.

Interesting! I didn’t see it last year and I’m not looking for a red flesh was just curious about it thanks.