New red fleshed varieties at Hocking Hills Orchard

Our season is officially finished for 2020, thanks to all who came out even with the slim harvest due to the April freeze.

One of the best things about 2020 for our orchard was that the trees really managed to put some good growth on. Here is hoping 2021 is a banner year! Nothing could be like 2020! I hope!!

We did have a few new varieties set fruit for the first time this year and the first two are some of them.

Raspberry Pink - Ohio, 2014. One of my crosses, Surprise x Airlie Red Flesh. Yellow skin with dark pink flesh. Brix of 16.

Bakran - Pink fleshed variety that originated in Iran.

Himbeerapfel von Holovausy - Bohemia, Germany, pre 1850. Translates as Raspberry Apple From Holowaus. I added this one because the two trees of it I grafted this year grew 6 feet which for me here in SE Ohio unusual. Not my pic.

Derek Mills
Hocking Hills Orchard at the Four Seasons Cabins located in the beautiful Hocking Hills of SE Ohio. Home to 1,600 varieties of apples and hundreds of other fruit varieties.

Email me at for info on scions, especially swapping for varieties I do not grow. or purchasing them.


@derekamills did you ever get ‘Slor’ to fruit? Wondered how that variety turned out for you.

not yet!


I believe that Slor, Anna & Maçã Anna, are the same apple by Ephraim Slor