New Shoots Below Main Scaffolds

This is a 2nd year apricot tree. There are three main scaffolds at about 33" level. I’m still doing my work to train it.

Now I see several new buds below the main scaffolds. As low as just above the graft union. I’m thinking of rub off the ones very low, but keep one or two at the top. So I do not know if the new ones are too close to the main scaffolds and can be shaded and won’t fully develop. Also, are three scaffolds enough?

The tree will be fully fenced in, no deer pressure.

It doesn’t much matter, but I leave branches on young trees wherever they grow until I need to open trees for fruit. Branches lower in the trunk increase the strength of the wood down there and help create a tree with better taper. But that is something only educated arborists think about- orchard trees usually do just fine without that kind of coddling.

I’ll probably just keep a couple of them from the top. But still keep the branches spaced. The tree has open center.