New (to me) tomato sauce recipe

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One of my customers bought a big bunch of roma tomatos the other day and I asked how she used them, so she told me. I tried it today and think I’m going to like it. If you care to give it shot here it is:

Enough roma (paste) toms to not-quite fill a pyrex dish.
A head of peeled garlic for each six-eight tomatoes (to taste)
A few small red chilis, dried (to taste)
A good drizzle of olive oil

Toss all of it together in the pyrex. Roast about 90 minutes at 350. Remove from oven. I allowed mine to cool for a while but I don’t think you have to.

Puree. Add about a teaspoon of kosher salt to every six-eight toms, and a little lemon juice (again, to taste, of course) and force through a seive or food mill.

Can be canned or frozen. I used mine fresh in a chili and it was pretty good- I think a good long roast is the key- don’t be afraid to give it a good one.

Hope you like it!


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Alternately (or additionally), use better tasting tomatoes; e.g., Black Krim.


Roasting tomatoes is a good way to make sauce, I have seen this done before in various ways.
I never tried it myself. I remove skins and seeds in my sauce, but it is a ton of work. I usually can it and use as needed.I freeze tomatoes all season and sometime in the fall when I have all day, as it takes all day. I prep the frozen tomatoes. At this stage the skin comes right off, I squeeze out excess liquid, and run through a food mill to remove seeds. I throw it in my caner pot and reduce all day. I start the pot with the first batch, and keep adding to it as I process the tomatoes. By the end it fairly reduced and takes less time I like it thick so I reduce it well, very slowly not to burn the sauce. On low heat all day as I add to it.
If only using true paste tomatoes, they are dry to start. Sauce looks thick from the get go. But I usually have leftovers of all tomatoes I grew. I like just doing the pastes as it is quick, and it’s not sweet. Some cultures like their tomato sauce sweet. I do not, I never use cherries, but I grow many blacks which are sweet. Why I sometimes keep paste and everything else separate. I’ll make a gourmet sauce with the pastes, and a universal sauce with the others.


I use a VIctorio strainer to remove skins and seeds

Having the usual late-summer overabundance of Big Beef, I put a load of them through the strainer, then cooked the puree down. There was a distinct sweetness to the resulting sauce, tho I don’t think of BB as a sweet tomato