New trees

I ordered a few trees from a local nursery and they came in today. I ordered 3-4’ trees and they sent me ones that were 5-6’ mainly with one over 8’. They even included a free Honey Crisp Apple. I have been ordering from them for a couple years and the trees always come in bigger than you order. They were dug just a couple days before they were shipped so the roots were in excellent shape. The thing I like about them is they sell trees that grow good in the area since they are located less than 50 miles from me and they grow all their own trees mainly


I prefer local orchards when it’s possible to purchase what I need from them. Many new varieties I purchase from Starks.

I buy from local mail order nurseries, like Grandpa’s. As yes, they are grown here or in nearby states. A big tree wholesaler is in this state too. I myself prefer the smallest tree possible, as I can shape it to stay small. If too large I cannot head cut it for fear no lower buds remain viable. I don’t want my trees to ever be taller than 8 feet. Many are now going on 5th leaf. It turned out if I had small trees, it was easy to keep them that way. The ones that were smallest when planted look the best right now.

I have so many deer I have to grow them tall to keep the deer out of them. Usually the deer get the entire bottom half of the tree.

Alan grows them tall to protect against squirrels. I sometimes forget how lucky I am not to have all these pressures. Then again if grown tall I could have only a couple versus the 10 trees I have now. My 4-8 footers produce around 50-80 peaches, my freezer is stuffed to the top with them.