New way to plant garlic?

Trying a new way growing garlic? Might have better control. Plant more closer. Use these containers for my citrus trees, reuse the old media, replenish with good fertilizer.Add medium after a few inches of growth.
Starting out with urea fertilizer than add micro,s. Stop nitro June 1, add K.


This is how we grow garlic green for fresh eating. But to get garlic bulbs, garlic needs certain chilling requirement. Also, with the garlic cloves planted so close, you are not going to get large bulbs even if the cloves have the chilling hours.


I got 2 area,s for garlic, one inground. These are extras from this summer. Garlic roots usely goes straight down if you got loose dirt. These are large containers, 22” wide.

I grow garlic in container for three reasons:

  1. To grow garlic green indoor for winter consumption. Garlic green is like green onion
  2. If I get bad soil with bad drainage and in-ground garlic planting would fail.
  3. If I suspect the garlic stock has soil borne diseases. So I isolate them and place them in containers.

I actually really like garlic green over winter. Very tender.


Looks like you have planted bulbils. It will take 2 years for those to grow into normal size garlic bulbs.

I grow garlic in pot too, but I don’t grow for garlic bulbs. I only grow potted garlic for garlic green. Indoor growing conditions are not ideal for producing large garlic bulbs in my home.

It just looks that way, cloves are normal size. Normally I plant garlic in September. Got a box of them and forgot all about it till a week ago.

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The deer have pruned honeyberry branches that stuck through the chicken wire, so they may not be your answer, either. Even fiddleheads don’t seem to like deep shade, although the deer have left them alone. I can’t think of much else that the deer haven’t relished. We have found that acorns make very tasty bread.

related – has anyone grown scallions or chives indoors? How close? What do they need?

Garlic is moving in the right direction, grew too much last year.

Garlic in the field.