New Way To Root Figs (new to me anyway)

Looks pretty easy. I may give it a try for fun. May try some other items as well. Video 5 Min.


I see no advantage to doing it this way and wonder if those water roots will work well in a soil mix. Why not just do a standard air layer?


From the video it looks like that method produced at a 100% success rate. Odds… are so good, I’d call that an EVENS.

You do not need to do that or those weird click-bait videos.
The usual cuttings method then plant in land works very well. figs are easy to set roots.

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Pretty neat. I’ve never been a fan of “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” Please post your results if you decide to give it a try

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That seems like a whole lot of top growth… to be supported by that little dab of roots.

Definitely worked well… and wow easy… but might be best to do that on a smaller shoot.

Wonder if that one lived.

I bet it lived. Figs have pretty aggressive roots.