New World hybrid Asian pear in Spain

Well, today I also harvested the New World pear (Koreant Giant x Bartlett).
Asian pears in general terms are quite bland to me, but the hybrid varieties have much better flavor.
This year they have not produced a large caliber of fruit (other years with a lower fruit load it has reached 300 grams and more).
But this year with little irrigation the flavor is very sweet and pleasant.
After passing the cold tuning period, they will achieve an even more delicious flavor.

Some photos



Very cool! Visually the fruit in your pictures seem to have more Bartlett character than Korean Giant. Would you say the flavor of the European pear parent is also more dominant? How about the texture? I agree the flavor of a really high quality European pear is more intense (though I had some great Chojuro pears this year). But the crunchy juicy texture of Asian pears is my favorite.

I imagine this hybrid could be grafted to either Asian or European pears. Any comments on that?

Hi gibberellin.
It is a very well developed variety, since it has the best of the two fruit genres, that is, the crunchy texture and extraordinary post-harvest longevity of Asian pears, incredibly improving its flavor due to the Bartlett pear.

Like all Asian-type pears, it must be grafted onto any rootstock of the pyrus genus, and is not compatible in graft with quince .