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Continuing the discussion from Arapaho Blackberry:

First time growing a blackberry of any kind here. We chose an Arapahoe from Lowe’s. It’s growing well, but we were under the impression that we wouldn’t need a trellis ? Now look at it. Seems it’s running wild. What do I need to do with it now lol. 35 gallon pot can be moved. I was thinking about a trellis on the privacy fence.

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In my experience the young plants start off with trailing canes and then they grow the erect canes. Regardless, I would recommend a trellis because the wind can snap the erect canes if they are not supported.

My row is 4 years old and none have wandered off from their original location or sent root suckers EXCEPT for my white blackberries, so you might consider putting them in the ground if you are in a warm enough zone. They are relatively low maintenance that way.

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If you want to keep in the pot you can use bamboo or stakes to tie them up to? A trellis on a fence would be good, just remember you will need to cut the old canes out after fruiting next year so try to make it easy to remove the old canes and give the new canes next year somewhere to grow.

I like the V-trellis, you can tie the old canes to the out side wires as the new growth will grow up through the center. When the old canes are finished fruiting you cut them out and tie the new growth to the wires.

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I knew this was the right place to be, thanks :+1: So I really shouldn’t be concerned about these first year canes, maybe rig’em up so they stay off the ground? Go ahead and move to the fence and prepare a trellis for next year’s new growth ? :thinking: