Niagra grapes

How does niagra grapes taste are the sweet

I am not sure what Niagra grapes taste like but I love Niagra grape wine. Its the most common grape used for white grape juice if that helps.

Niagara is a white fruited, interspecific hybrid from Concord x Cassady, both hybrids between V. labrusca and V. vinifera. Flavor is sweet and “foxy” like Concord, but a bit more refined.

I was gifted some vines my friend thought were concord. They fruited heavily for me and I believe they are actually Niagara. When they get ripe, you can smell them from 20 yards away. They have seeds, but I love the taste. They are not firm or crispy like table grapes. They get sweet with VERY heavy grape perfume and have some tartness and astringency in the skins.


I grew up eating on my grandparents’ Niagara grapes. They are sweet and just a slight tartness. They will hang until they ferment as Miss Kitty found out while trying to decide which one of the dozen drunken Starlings she wanted to murder. The answer? As many as she could before they clumsily flew away.

Is that cayuga grape

I am no expert on leaves though
I think some people get these mixed up

been a while since I looked at the differences , but

I think cayuga gets more yellow , and a bit of purple grey

IS this correct
Niagra gets more of a Lime green

@ Boizeau

He should know

picture of cayuga

Hopefully someone can ID them because I am not very knowledgeable on grapes. I hope they are Cayuga, it seems like they would make a better wine.

correct me if I am wrong
I thought cayuga have that flavor more melting sweetness
niagra have more of a crisp flavor like store bought .

I should be more of a expert on this
(but since I AM not buying at the moment I am not.)

what I am believing is the older grapes in my Neighborhood
look to be the juicy cauyga grape

the new ones I saw people bought seem to be more crisp acid
those I believe Niagra , and more lime colored .

Cayuga seems to taste better like you explain sparty
Do yours get set on the vine after a while turn light purple almost grey tone translucent ?

They got bronze-ish yellow-green.

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