Nice pickup for NJ

I checked out a new Grocery “Food Bazzar” and I was not disappointed
A gauvabana (sourspop family)
Yellow Skinned Dragon fruit. The first I have encountered.
The largest persimmon I have ever seen
and Tejocote Mexican Hawthorne Crataegus Mexicana


Yellow dragonfruit is supoosed to be the tastiest-colored variety.


Yellows are supposed to be the sweetest, not necessarily tastiest. I finally found one in a grocery store, and oddly it tasted exactly identical to the smell of a pool locker room. ?? I didn’t finish it lol

@Matt_in_Maryland @jxz7245

I hate red skinned white fleshed dragon fruit with a passion. The yellow skinned was sweeter and had a pleasant flavor. Only one dragon fruit has truly impressed me. It was a red skinned violet fleshed variety I only tasted once. The flavor was similar to violet Prickly pear (Tuna) but 10x more concentrated.

I let the soursop over ripe. Flavor is milder the commercial juice,frozen or bagged. I am still regretting not getting to taste it fresh on my last trip to the islands.

The Tejocote are not for fresh eating ever. There in the fridge and will be put to making Mexican christmast punch for our holiday party.

the Persimmon is in the fridge now after is shrank a bit on the table.

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I have been seeing those Large Persimmons grown in Mexico for sale here. Not the best taste, but huge and seedless!

I agree the best dragonfruit I ever had was pink fleshed. Only had it once. I’ve had a bland white fleshed but I’ve also stumbled across a great kiwi tasting white fleshed - so I wouldn’t rule the whites out. Just need a good variety I guess - whatever that is I don’t know.