No Private Message Button shown after name click/need tigertooth juju

I see some folks have tigertooth jujube, but I can’t pm them about it. Am I too new/not enough posts yet? If so, this post is a step in the right direction.

I’m looking for suckers/seedlings from tigertooth/silverhill/yu/massandra jujube, preferrably near/in GA but shipping bare root is ok.

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Welcome to the forum! Stick around a little while, and you’ll get those abilities. It doesn’t take long to get basic privileges, and only a little longer to get access to the trading post (usually a few weeks of frequent visits and participation). Reading posts and amount of time spent are the most important metrics of participation. The limits are there both as training wheels to protect you while you figure out our arcane customs, and to protect the community from spam. See below for an explanation of how it works: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels
Our admins may have set the requirements at different levels, but that’s the basic idea of how the system decides if you’re trustworthy.


Very useful info! Thanks.

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