No Spray / Low Spray Orchard: Pears, Persimmons, Pawpaws

10.5.2022 and beyond:

So (hey @alan what’s up partner?) said to the effect that “no person” should need to purchase apples… well I understand that, however I only had the option to plant (4) apples on a hillside of sticky-clay that w/o the grip of good shoes will have you sliding down backwards because grass doesn’t wish to grow upon it. So, finally now, 7-years later and I’ve been on the forum and started planting in 2015) I finally have (3) of those original (4) apples alive:

I used M11.


Gold Rush

And Cameo which I don’t have a photo of today.

sometime I’ll get some fruit. So I have to rely on club apples. I ‘totally’ understand what you’re saying, Alan. best regards.

Moving on:

A pluot of mine grafted on a Asian plum from Walmart (gr. about 6-years ago I guess)

Dr. Kazas Hybrid Persimmon Before it shed its’ leaves and to show the amount of virginiana (a lot.)

Dr. Kazas open-pollinated Nikitaskaya Bordovaya seedling (Lehman orchard USA)

Dr. Kazas

Fayette Shellbark hickory

I-94 American persimmon

Marquardt Hican

Member (Peach) grafted above Deer Browse & 2-years of the same beautiful fall color :


I’m not sure how I’ve missed this thread until now.

I’m beginning to learn that (one of) the marks of a skilled orchardist is making it look easy. Another is spending the time researching to find out what grows well in your location instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

I know we’ve all had our trials and tribulations but just looking at what you’ve accomplished @Barkslip, I can tell you are on the right path for a whole lotta fruit coming your way soon. Those cages look wonderful and efficient. Well done, I can’t wait for next year’s updates too.


thank u @disc4tw

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Looks great - how did you space the orchard? Between trees and rows?


I didn’t measure. I just know that trees always get 10x bigger than you expect. Shrubs are strategiclally spaced so never will they need removal. I leave a distance for a shrub that says it will become 6 ft. x 6 ft to develop to 12 feet across and so the next hardwood will never touch it. And. so I have mower space for when they are 12 feet across… just as an example.

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5 meters is minimum for all-trees. However more much space you can provide, the better. I wish I had more space between these but they are 5-7 meters.

Rows are a tad wider. Like I say, I wish I could’ve gone further apart for rows and individual trees.


Very nice! Great selections.

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More late-blooming honeyberries:


Strawberry Sensation






Krupnopladnaya kiwi (Actinidia kolomikta)

Minaj Smyriou black currant

Wilder red currant


Tiben black currant as cuttings that rooted in situ this Spring: