No tomcots this year from Raintree!

Got an Email from Raintree today they can not fill my February tomcot order as the whole crop had a disease issue.

Interesting. I got a Tomcot from Raintree this year. It has not come out of dormancy yet, although every other tree that I purchased has (all from other nurseries). Did they indicate what the disease issue was?

I managed to get a Tomcot from Raintree a couple of weeks ago. I ordered in December though. I wonder what disease wiped out the trees?

"We regret to inform you due to disease we have pulled the remaining Tomcot Apricots from our inventory. We have removed the unavailable item from your order. We have refunded your credit card $30.50. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Your order will be shipped out today."
this is the Email.Odd that they tell me on the same day they ship my other tree.

I received three Tomcats form Raintree about two week s ago, they appear to be fine. Wondering if I should be concerned?

It’s probably too late now, but Van Well had a surplus a few weeks ago if you don’t mind peach rootstock, which I do, but I buy in bundles so get their discount. Can’t get a commercial price on Tomcot from any other source I’m aware of.

@jkuo @J.D How are your new Tomcots doing? Nearly all the branches on mine were dead on arrival. Mine is sprouting some leaf buds from the trunk, but I am not sure it is going to make it. In contrast, I have an Early Blush Apricot from Adams County Nursery that is flourishing 15 feet from the Tomcot.

One of mine shows no signs of life above the graph union, some leaves are pushing below the graph. The second has a few leaves on the trunk none on the branches. The third has a few leaves on the trunk and one of the three scaffolds. All look pretty poor in my opinion. Ill give them a week or two then I’m going to contact Raintree about a refund or credit for more next year.

@ZombieFruit, my trees are behaving like yours. I got an Early Blush from ACN right next to my Tomcot from Raintree. Both are potted in my case. The Early Blush is nicely leafed out. The Tomcot is pushing healthy looking new growth from the trunk, but all the branches look dead.

Lost a few this year of different varieties- mostly it was the typical late winter or early spring cambium kill. Trees leaf out then die maybe 3 weeks later. Sap must have already begun to flow in mid-Feb making cambium cells too wet for cells to withstand the deep freezing we got then for the first time all winter. That’s my guess, anyway- anything north of Z7 in humid regions renders cots fragile. I really don’t make much money on the trees I sell from my nursery, certainly they are the least profitable species I grow, even though they size up quickly when they live long enough.

My TangOS 2 from acn is doing exactly that…pushing leaves from the rootstock, but all the leaves that initially pushed on the scion all crusted up and died… I’ve seen this before. Not sure what is going on. My other trees are doing fine.