Noir de Spain Mulberry

I’d never heard of this mulberry. It seems to get mixed reviews with how cold hardy it is. Can anyone share their experiences/opinions? Both on hardiness and the fruit in general. Thanks!

absolutely delicious with its brisk sweet-sour flavor. Much better than the best fully-ripe blackberries imo, and without the seeds. Only trouble is that all nigra’s grow painstakingly slowly in my locale(black beauty, noir, and standard persian). Zone 6 might be too cold, but i think it still worth a try. They will fruit even if kept in pots, so you might want to buy two and leave one outside(in the warmest part of your property) and see if will survive winter outdoors, and then simply just bring the other one into your garage at dormancy as a backup. Where am at, the coldest they’ve survived(unsheltered outdoors) so far was 16F

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