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I just got a call from John Brittan and he said he has very nice Hark for sale for next year. Most are in the 4-6 foot range. He said also there are two gentleman beginning orchards that want Hark. I said I know people have been asking me about how to acquire Hark and he said if anyone wants one you’ll need to call him (not email him) and if he doesn’t answer he’ll return your call within a couple of days. Basically, he could sell them all but he’s giving individuals an opportunity to buy one if they’ve been looking for one.

He said his website is up-to-date now, as well.

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Nice to know. I see he has Kanza, Hark, and Greenriver. Wonder if he is interested in grafting some Oswego for next year?

I initially reach out to him to ask if he would be interested in grafting Hark. I sent wood to him for two years. He has a great crop for this coming year and he said he has a crop for 2019.

John’s a real nice guy. All you gotta do is call him and see if he’d be interested in wood.

He reciprocated with me by the way. Sent really nice scionwood.


I’ve bought trees from Nolin River for over 20 years now and always with outstanding success. I’ve also visited his place where you “turn when you see 3 mailboxes”. 100% agree with you that his business is one of the best for a small operation.

I gave John scionwood of a walnut tree found growing on the side of the road in northwest Alabama. I named it “Redneck”. He got a few grafted and offered them if anyone wanted to try them. I don’t know if he still has it, but if you want a walnut with about 25% kernel and produces clusters of up to 6 walnuts, you might ask. It is one of the few black walnuts that produces as much or more than Thomas. Big hint, it is the best rootstock I’ve found for black walnut when grown on clay loam soil and the nuts are pretty good eating.

I spoke with Bill Reid this morning and did my best to get him to talk about any potential new releases from the trees he is evaluating. He wouldn’t budge. I finally got the reason out of him. It seems that if he ever suggests one particular tree might just be good enough to propagate, he gets inundated with requests for scionwood. It is funny in a way, but I can understand Bill’s reasoning.

Looks like Auburn has 3 Oswego trees. I’ll get some scionwood in a few weeks when I visit. If anyone needs it, let me know. I’ll get extra.


Nolin River has some unique things for sure. Anybody growing his Blue persimmon? If so I’d love to trade something for a scion.

I’m sure I could get a scion or two.

Edit: re John cuts late February.

I remember what John told me once about cutting wood. He waits until he knows that sap has moved up into the tree prior to cutting. So when he cuts is all weather dependent. I know you guys are in a much warmer climate so maybe we could get this to work.


Dax that would be fantastic, just let me know what I owe you and/or him if scions are possible. Thank you.

You’d owe me nothing!

I’ll add it to my list & contact you when the time arrives.


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Thank you.

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