Non slip skin grapes

I am looking to expand on my grape varieties in the spring but only want non slip skin varieties. I would appreciate any and all suggestions from everyone. The one that i am hoping the most will grow in my zone is perlette. Thanks

I am gunning for Lakemont. That’s the one I’ve already planted. No fruit yet.

You might also consider the new Arkansas varieties. I am eyeballing Gratitude.

Some videos on the Lakemont and Gratitude grape varieties:

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Thanks Matt, both varieties you mention look appealing to me. I will have to look into both of them.

Does anyone grow perlette?

I don’t grow perlette but Hope Joy and Gratitude have been good for me. Although I confess I am starting to prefer muscadines over any hybrid grape, I was tasting them side by side this fall and the muscadines had five times the flavor. My family prefers the hybrids since they are similar to the supermarket product.

Do Muscadines have seeds?

I am guessing they are not slipskin grapes?

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They ARE slip-skin… to the point of being crunchy skin. They’re an aquired taste. Not your typical Thompson Seedless grocery store grape.

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Although muscadines are slip skin a few varieties are crunchy and the skin is sweet. Black Beauty and Lane are very good. The Black beauty has seed but less than some of the other varieties.

Hi! I took two suggestions from Scott Smith. I grow (not only Concord) but I planted ‘Hope’ and ‘Swensons’ Red, three years ago. This past summer I had a quick taste of my first Swenson Red grapes. Despite the seeds, (they don’t bother me),I had never eaten a sweeter grape and one that has skin that snapped when I bit it. So sweet. It was wonderful.

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Lakemont survived another winter in Zone 6b here and is leafing out now.

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