Nor'easter Heartbreak

I use trashed bicycle tubes, get them for free in near by bicycle shop. You may use pieces placed between bark and twine.


I would follow advice from @alan . Use electric tape. Pruning sealer not needed. Keep it supported for 2 yrs. Keep the branch pruned to minimize weight. It should be fine.

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I used twine to bind pull the tree back togahter. I did not use prune sealer but I I think I will this year after a few topical treatments of sulfur and or something.




The entire right Shiro was taken off by the nor’easter. The previous year it looked like the satsuma branch on the left. That year it set 40 fruit which the squirrels got the better of while we where on vacation.

Shiro regrowth.

Shiro being so vigorous regrew 4 good branches from below the break. They are now as tall as limb the boke off but since this is there first spring no flowers.


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