Normal dormant buds

A few days ago, I saw a post where people were concerned that their trees had bud swelling already. I seem to recall they were in the eastern part of the US.

My first thought was, we haven’t had enough chilling hours yet to begin with, and it hasn’t really been that warm. Here in Central Maryland, my trees weren’t even really truly dormant until around Thanksgiving.

We have generally on the cold side, except for the last week, and although it’s in the 60s today, most days have been no higher than the 40s, not exactly “bud swell weather.

I went out and looked at my PF-25 peach. To me, these look like normal dormant buds, what do you think?


Looks like a peach. It’s the center bud (the flower) that I always look at, not the leafing part of the bud. Not that they aren’t important, I want to see if an will get fruit.

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It’s obviously a peach, I’m just saying that looks like a normal dormant bud, not one swelling and coming out of dormancy yet.