North Ga Mountain Persimmons 11-6-2016


Great persimmon video Strudledog! Most of those are ones I never saw before! Thanks for posting! Now if they could just breed them a couple of zones colder :0)

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Great work Phil! Lots of helpful info for anyone considering asian persimmons.

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Thanks @strudeldog, great video. Are most of these grafted to native trees on your cabin property?

When you say Native do you mean Virginiana or Virginiana that were already wild on the property? All except a couple are on Virginiana root stock with the exception of a couple trees on Lotus I believe. I do have a few trees at my main residence that were grafted to established wild trees, but for most either purchased trees and some I grafted to potted seedlings.

Phil, that was AWESOME! I didn’t know you had such a variety. They were so beautiful and your video was really informative. Best of all, I didn’t know you liked Saijo so much. That’s wonderful news for me because its one of the few I have. I’ve been led to believe that its only good luck and mild winters that have kept mine alive here in zone 6b for the last 2 years, do you agree or do you think it should be ok in 6b? We get down to 0 once or twice a year but rarely get below 10 other than those 1-2 times a year. I also have a chocolate and fuyu, and wonder how they will do in my area long term as well. Thanks- and great video

Thanks Phil, yes, I meant wild trees that you grafted over but knowing most of yours are on virginiana is helpful since I have quite a few small virginiana rootstocks that I hope to graft over with both kaki and american varieties.

Another great video, thanks for sharing.

Thanks Guys Sorry for the poor audio and my lack of focus,
my mind rambles a lot and I should at least put down a basic script, as opposed to just looking at the next fruit in line. My cinematography skills are lacking

Kaki have been one of my focus groups for sometime, I have had to reset on location a couple times but hopefully I am past that. That’s probably roughly 1/3 my cultivars if you count the few Americans I have. Many pre-fruiting as just young started grafts, or a few just a grafted limb. I saw around 0F for some short periods here the 2 winters to prior to last winter which was mild low around 12f. Most cultivars handled the single digits fine as they were fully dormant. Of more concern is late cold after growth has started. A warm Feb/March bringing out growth followed by a light April freeze in mid 20s F a few years back killed several trees for me and damaged most. Sajio is noted as pretty Hardy and that has been my experience, so thinking many years it do fine for you . Fuyu has not been one of my hardier cultivars, unless your Fuyu is actually a Jiro as commonly sold as such from some nurseries. I have not grown Chocolate here as don’t want my main plantings seeded, but I am thinking about it and some other PVNA types in a far isolated corner.

BTW If anyone is interested in 10 acres with a nice but smaller log home in
Ga mountains with nice creek and established fruit and nut plantings let me
know. Some of the nut trees put in late 1990s and fruit trees mostly over last
10 years. Chestnuts, Pecans, Heartnuts, Butternuts, Walnuts, Muscadines, Hardy Kiwi, apples, pears, apricots, Plums, Pluots, Peach, Jujube, Che, Sour cherries, blueberries, figs, Mulberry, persimmons, and I am sure a few things I have left out. Some of the more care trees like the stone fruit need some attention, but the Log Home is in great basically unlived in state. I have been considering putting it on the market as I probably will not end up retiring there as planned. I moved my primary residence 3.5 years ago and getting established here and actually have more room for both my plantings and my wife’s livestock.

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Thanks for the detailed response- VERY helpful!

Do you find the occasional seed anyway or are your fruits always seedless?

I don’t think I ever have have a seed in my Kaki from my cabin Plantings. I know when I was cutting open that Tamopan in the video I was thinking I saw a seed, but it was a imperfection from outside on the cap. Last year many of my fruit at my residence had seeds. This spring I took notice and found relative obscure cultivar grafted tree from ARS USDA Davis that was covered with males blooms. I posted about it here Giomba I found the culprit This year I think I have found just a few fruit with a couple thin seeds looking like they might not be viable. I don’t mind a seed here or there but in general I don’t want them. Plus It’s too tempting to try and grow them out. I have a bunch of Nikita’s Gift seedlings from last year seed that by my logic have to be Kaki-X-Virginiana hybrids as the seed mother is.

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Too bad that I live pretty far from your cabin or else it could my play ground with a nice sport fish pond on it.


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