North Georgia Yard Transformation

I’ll be using this thread to track the change of the yard of the house we purchased in December. This video is “Ground Zero” as the property was bought; I’ll be adding pictures/videos as things progress. I like seeing other peoples threads like this so I will try my own.

This is 45 minutes north of Atlanta, 1090 ft, elevation, Zone 7b


Kevin – it’s a great adventure, have fun!

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Thanks. Your SoCal yard pictures and yard transformation was one of threads I was thinking of. Have enjoyed seeing your yard/plants change & grow.

The soil report; no surprises Georgia red clay :slight_smile:


That soil report is actually not bad! If all they recommend is limestone and maybe some 10-10-10, you’re doing well.

And the good news is that you probably have the perfect environment for rabbit eye blueberries!


Great amout of land with southern exposure. I see fruit trees in your future! Great property.

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Oh, and maybe this is a silly thing to add, but since we are talking about soil and gardening, that red Georgia clay can be murder on clothes unless you know how to deal with it (and most of us don’t, unless we grew up with it!)

Stain remover, oxi-clean, and regular detergent work just fine on colors.

For whites, get iron-out or white-brite. The reason red Georgia clay is red is because of the iron content, and if you soak your whites in either of those products, the red dirt comes out like magic. Bleach doesn’t even touch the red clay dirt.

I just saw you were holding a little one, so I figured this may come in handy sooner or later. :wink:


One of my favorite recordings

Awesome looking yard. Can’t wait to see what you do with this much space. You had a ton of trees and garden beds crammed in your SJ yard! BTW, I took a detour on Joseph the other day. The front yard doesn’t have a lawn…yet. :smile:

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Funny you mention the clay I had a lot of grading done in the backyard so there is clay all over. I have learned the hard way that the clay does not come out with typical washing. Those clothes are now my “yard work” clothes so I won’t fret over the stains and now make sure I put those on first before going out there to dig or plant.

Yes I guess I should mention I was gardening in San Jose, CA Zone 9b before this. I used to get a little satisfaction out of reading those posts from east coasters whose fruit was lost to frost, fungus, or bugs while eating perfect no spray peaches from my yard. Oh how the tides have turned on me now :slight_smile:

The realtor had a photographer take photos for our house listing, including drone shots. Here are a few for posterity’s sake.

You should’ve gone in the back yard and thinned the stonefruit! I sent them a Dave Wilson link on thinning but they didn’t reply back.


Garden pics of your San Jose home looks amazing! Cant wait to see what you plant in your new home. New home looks so lovely!


One of the fun parts of moving to a new home in winter is seeing what pops up in the growing season. Some day lily and coneflower in the front and a large hydrangea on the side