North Star Sour Cherry - for a change :-)

Largest crop in 8 years I have it planted!


Very nice looking haul!!

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How do you like them for growing ease and taste?

Taste is fine for sour cherry, I like it more than Carmine Jewel, it is not sweeter, but has more distinct cherry aroma. But before I got my Carmine Jewel it really produced a bowl of cherries despite full bloom every year and I was about to remove it , just wanted to wait until CJ starts producing. So I guess it is not that self-pollinated as it was specified. From growing perspective, it is very compact, almost doesn’t need pruning, so i guess it is pretty easy. Brown rot is less problem on it than on Carmine Jewel, but it is not immune too. Small tree allows full tree cover. So for home grower with very limited space like me it is very good if you have space for another sour cherry for pollination. We picked about 20 quarts all together and didn’t need ladder of any kind.



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Wow hope my North Star looks like that in a few years

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Congrats. So beautiful.

I guess what they said is right that for a self pollinating fruit tree, having another variety to cross pollinate increases yield.

Finding a right pollination partner for my Danube was a challenge, unfortunately!!!

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Yum, Congrats!

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i guess ill be adding a 4th. cherry! :wink: got 2 juliets, carmine jewel and montmorency. that should cover pollination!


My Stella never did manage to bear fruit, despite being advertised as self-pollinating

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My friend’s Stella bears few fruit and all were taken by birds.

I actually liked Montmorency the best, but tree died of canker on it’s 3d year and it is too large for my small yard anyway. I need to convince my neighbors to plant one on their land close to our border - my plant and care, their land, harvest divided in half.


Me too!

got my montmorency at TSC for $7. froze to the roots in the garage but managed to send out a sprout. how many years before these trees produce a crop?

Moose 71, when I lived in Maine, the deer ate my tree begore I ever saw a leaf. My tree in zone 7a took about 7 years.

wow! maybe ill rip it out and put a north star there! thats a long time to wait for cherries!

Mine was much faster, I tried some first year, got more on second, it died on third.

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what it die of?

I think it was canker. Or may be I killed it. It was oozing a lot, so I tried torch tecnique , it didn’t wake up next spring.

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yeah. i worry about my cherries as im surrounded by fields full of choke/ pin cherry full of black knot. my neighbor up the street put in 4 sour cherries 4 years ago. they are full of black knot now but he never sprayed them. hopefully with the different varieties i have planted , with a good spray regimen ill have better luck!