North West Cider Supply

Was wondering if anyone has experience with buying rootstocks from them. They are much cheaper than Raintree, about a buck a stick cheaper when you order 25 or more. Thanks.

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Check @39thparallel for rootstocks because 25 is a bundle there may be a discount. How much are they each and what are they?

I ordered from them last year Nd was very happy with the m111 rootstock they sent. Good size and healthy. They took grafts well.

A buck each is hard to beat. That’s close to wholesale cost

I corrected my error in OP. It now reads a buck a stick cheaper than Raintree they are 1.80 if you buy 25… @39thparallel, I did not see B9 on your website?

I don’t sell to many dwarf apple trees. There is a lot of heavy soil around here.


bought from them a couple yrs ago when rootstock was on sale for like $1.10 if I remember correctly…big savings though.

Otherwise I order through Burnt Ridge because getting 20 rootstock at a time, those savings get eaten by shipping if you place an order for just scionwood and I always seem to buy something from burnt ridge every yr anyway (honey jar juju this year)

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I’ve purchased from them twice now and have always been happy with the quality. Just received my order about a week ago. They are very good about scions as well.

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I’ve bought rootstocks the past 3 years now, they are good quality. The only “issue” was G. 41 last year the top 2/3 was dead, but they were from the April sale.

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I’ve bought from them scions two years ago and M111 rootstocks last year when they had a late spring sale. All have been great quality.

Raintree is not cheap.

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Same experience here.

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See this thread from a couple years ago: Photos and descriptions

Wow that reminded me of some good memories. I guess I’ve ordered at least three times and always been happy. If you wait a bit they will reduce the price.

I will call NWCS on Mon. to make sure they still have some and then cancel my order at Raintree and buy something else with my 33.00 credit.