Not sure what this is?

I have twenty acres I purchased in West TN 3 years ago. About 5 of the acres

is wooded and I haven’t studied the trees too much. Anyone have any idea what this is fruiting out?

What does the tree look like? It reminds me of dogwood.

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Yeah, maybe that’s what it is? I’m no longer there to look at it at the moment but it’s about a total of 2 1/2 inches in diameter round right now.

Found this pic on Internet. Definitely looks like a Dogwood. Thanks!!


I found similar berries on the fence line by our old and new apple trees last year. When folks told me it was dogwood, I went doh!, I remember the big white petals of the blooms back in the spring.

This year, right next to it, there’s an apple with fruit on it that I’ve never seen before. We have the Milam’s with their small fruit, about pinkie tip size, but these are much larger, some already thumb tip sized. I hope they continue to grow to maturity. It’s on one small trunked tree that apparently doesn’t bloom every year.

If they taste good, I might consider taking a cutting or two and grafting it onto a seedling next year.

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There will not, Native dogwoods are strictly for wildlife.

I was talking about taking a cutting off the mystery apple, not the dogwood. I think I tried a couple of the dogwood berries, not really tasty.

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Your photo looks like Cornus mas (Cornelian cherry dogwood). We grow a lot of them where I work. The fruit is supposed to be edible but not for me! We did grow one cultivar however from Kiev and the fruit on that one was actually much sweeter.

Cornelian Cherry has a different berry set/leaf shape, this is definitely Cornus florida, native dogwood.