Not your large grocery size onions

Container 1 has 4 Green Mountain onions on the left and Yellow Potato onions on the right.
Container 2 has Walking onions that were bubles that over wintered in the pot.
Container 3 has Yellow potato onions
All 3 containers grew tomatoes last year


During the winter my Walking onions looked so bad I almost discarded the plants. I’m not sure what my long term use for them will be but, it is a hardy plant that wants to survive. The blades look like they could be used similarly to chives.


Walking onions
I use them everywhere you could use a green onion.
sandwiches ,soups , salads. Etc.
Be sure to keep enough to multiply the first few years.
( ie . Don’t eat them all)
Then start throwing top sets everywhere.
Soon you will have LOTS !
One of the easiest, best vegetables I have on the farm.


Container 1 was set up to compare the Green Mountain vs the Yellow potato onion under similar conditions.

I ate about 5 of the walking onions last year just to do a taste test. I have more planted in other areas so I don’t think I will run out after this year. Last year I started with about 30 bubils and ended the season with about 100.

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The reason I say that is that I have given the top sets to people to plant.
A year latter they say do I have more ? They were good .they ate them all !
If they would wait a year two to let them multiply, they would have a life time supply ,for them ,their extended family, all their friends.
Farmers market sales. A onion trail across the country ?
They multiply quickly , given the chance.

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Last fall… i sent a few folks rich tooie persimmon seeds… and in return i got some walking onions, chives, garlic chives…

I planted them in a nice little bed last fall.

They are looking good today.

We had a low of 2-3F this winter… but had 6 inches of snow on the ground when that happened.

I plan to spread these around.

Cant wait to fry some okra, squash and walking onion.


What are ‘Green Mountain onions’?

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GM onion is a seedling of the YP onion. The bulbs are larger than the YP onion. See the video for more details.

Those potato onions look great! I had Green Mountain and a few others but they didn’t do well in our wet summers in Eastern PA. Growing them in half barrels is a nice idea that would help them get through that.

Survival onions are mostly not needed anymore but these three would be excellent choices in my opinion.

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