Nova Easygro apple

I’m curious if anyone is growing Nova Easygro apple, what they think of it. Not the most inspiring name perhaps, and wondering if that is partly why it doesn’t seem to be very popular, or something else. I’m drawn to it because I really like Cortland but not the susceptibility to apple scab, and some sources say Nova Easygro is an ideal replacement… Said to be a great keeper, which I also like. Hype? I have limited space for my orchard and trying to avoid something I might regret. Thanks for any opinions!

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I don’t have this, but do have Novaspy, which is a NEG offspring. It is supposedly an improved Northern Spy. It will be 6th leaf this year, but only bloomed for the first time last year, but a late freeze fried the blooms, so no fruit.

It’s on G16, and is about 7ft high, but with a top heavy shape, I guess I did a bad job in shaping it. Hoping we get lucky and will be able to try some fruit this year.

I actually have a Cortland, too. It will be 5th leaf, but it also lost its blooms last year. My other Mac related trees are Liberty and Macoun, the former has fruited before, but the apples were past prime, the latter no fruit yet.

I did a bench graft of Spartan last year, but it’s still in a pot.

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