Now harvesting

Ok ill admit it, in some preverse way im enjoying teasing you all in the frozen wastelands of this country. We have been harvesting passionfruit and starfruit for a few weeks now. It sets these fruit in the late fall and they hang all winter and then finish up ripening as it warms back up in late Jan/early Feb.

With just a little work in keeping these tropicals from freezing we have a 12 month a year harvest here. Might be about 3 weeks in early January that we dont have something to pick.

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Yum! Looks good! My trees again will not produce this year due to fruit bud killing coldness. I’ll have berries galore though!
At least i started gardening now here in the frozen north. My onions and peppers are going. I’ll start tomatoes in 2 weeks. I have about 100 onions, and 36 peppers seedlings to care for. I’ll cull some out and grow about 20 peppers I may give away others. I’ll keep all the onions use some as green onions to limit numbers.

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Nice looking Star fruits. My Grandma used to have 3 trees and they were very sweet. They do have slippery seeds.


We don’t even know what passion fruit are here in Kansas. Never saw one until now but I have heard the name. We have seen and tasted star fruit which for me tasted like an orange or similar citrus fruit. How good are the passion fruit? If your going to tease us you might as well cut one open and show us a picture of the inside :0)

Bubbles…is that you?

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Here you go Clark! Passionfruit is is the flavor in Hawaiian Punch that gives it the zip! Its kinda citrus-y with a very tropical tang mixed in.


Nice liliquoi. Really handsome fruit! There’s a farm on the North shore of Oahu that makes really great liliquoi ice cream. As for star fruit, I’ve just never had any that was in any way remarkable on my visits to Hawaii.

Citrus is king here right now. Lots of ‘Meyer’ lemons holding, ‘Page’ mandarins as well, strawberries trickling in, and the very last of my ‘Washington’ navels are to be had.

Tease me all you want with your pictures!! I’m a big girl, I can take it!! Haha!! :smiley:

The beautiful pictures are what helps get me by during our long cold, and currently freezing temps!! It gives me hope spring is right around the corner, and know I have something to look forward to with the blossoming of our cherry and plum trees , and, strawberries in the early spring.

Your starfruit and passionfruit look really yummy…

Thank’s for sharing!

Ive rarely had any starfruit that were particularly worth my time when im at resorts in tropical areas. Most of the reason for this is that when they are grown for market they are picked under ripe to prolong the time beofre spoiling. Thats a real problem because it doesnt ripen well off the tree and under ripe starfruit isnt all that great. BUT! A tree ripened one is a beautiful delicious experince. When tree ripened at thier peak they are a top rier fruit.

Thanks for posting the picture. I’m even more interested in trying them now. I’m putting them on my list with dragon fruit and jack fruit as must haves at some point!

Clark there are true tropicals and then there are sub-tropicals. We grow alot of sub-tropicals (mango, passionfruit, guava, white sapote, banana, barbados cherry, black sapote) and a very few true tropicals (starfruit, yellow dragonfruit). The sub-tropicals can take some cold, short spells under 32. The true tropicals are unhappy under 40 and will flat die at 32. We enclose our true tropicals in a greenhouse structure for the winter. That requires that any true tropicals be small enough in stature to enclose. Sadly jackfruit is a true tropical and a monsterous tree, there is no enclosing them… Ive tried them outside before and they croak as soon as we near a freeze.

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Nice photos amadio,enjoyed them. I do feel slighted a bit, but spring is near and things will be poppin here in Z6 very soon!

Amadioranch great looking plants. Keep posting because we love to see those varieties. They are all knew to most of us.

Gives me some satisfaction to have eaten passion fruit, jack fruit, dragon fruit etc. now i hadn’t in 2015.