NuMex Jalapenos

Has anyone grown the NuMex jalapeno peppers?

Lemon Spice
Pumpkin Spice
Orange Spice

I have Lemon Spice and Orange Spice growing right now under my grow light. There seems to be a lot of conflicting information into the hotness/Scoville ratings for Orange and Pumpkin in particular, some sources saying Orange is about the same as a standard Jalapeno, and others saying it’s much higher, like 80,000 Scoville units. Others suggest the same of Pumpkin Spice.

My guess is one is much hotter than the other but the information is conflicting.

Anyone know?

I had Lemon and Orange Spice in the past. Lemon Spice I could still use fresh but Orange Spice was too much for me without scraping out all of the core and seeds. It is pretty good pickled though which dampens the fire a lot.

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I’ve grown lemon spice for a few years and added pumpkin spice this year. I’ll know about pumpkin spice soon enough, but lemon spice is on the hotter end compared to most store-bought jalapenos and is also a lighter green before turning yellow. They have a nice sweetness with the heat when yellow.

Both the fruit and the plant are on the smaller side. I expect pumpkin spice will be the same.

Without knowing SHU levels exactly it is hard to say with any pepper. I grew peppers for a few years and even the 10k SHU would have been hard to use outside of hot sauce or spicing something when dried pepper. For putting in a salad or having as a snack the pepper should not be over 1k unless it is something like stuffed jalapeños. Then some may call me a wimp with eating spicy good though.

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5k SHU is fine. Even 10. At 80k I could throw ONE in a big pot of salsa and have it quite hot.