Nursery and Stoolbed Spacing

I’m planting about 50 apple grafts into a nursery tomorrow, where they will grow for one year. How much room do I need to give for each tree?

Also, I have 10 extra rootstocks to plant that I will use as a stoolbed for growing my own rootstocks. They are B118 and M111. How much space do they need?

My first year grafting so don’t want to screw them up. Lol


I’m planting out approx. 600+ grafted rootstocks with 12" spacing (a 35’ x 35’ bed with approx. 25’ x 25’ planted). They’ll be planted out in an orchard next spring. In my stooling bed I have allowed 2-3’ between trees.



Looking to start a stooling bed, do you guys have any pictures or steps how you did it? Did you plant the rootstock? Or grow it out and put a bucket around?

I planted my root stocks out in a bed to let them get established. I initially had a problem with deer mowing them off. They’re fenced now, and finally starting to show some vigor. I’ll probably mulch this bed again this year and then determine next spring if I want to begin lopping off the trees to prompt new shoots. Then it’s a matter of waiting for them to get some height and I’ll probably use buckets and sawdust for root formation. This prior post shows my stool bed before I fenced it in with the veggie garden - post #29 in this thread: Stool Beds

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Andy did the 12" spacing work out in the end or would you do it differently if you were to do it again?

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I use 12" spacing between trees in the nursery bed rows. I do two rows 1 foot apart and then a 2 foot row. I found in the original section I didn’t have enough room for weeding, pruning and spraying. By doing a 2 foot isle every other row it gives me enough room to maneuver. I think the entire bed is now 70’ x 70’ (it’s been expanded twice).
In the stooling bed, I think my trees are around 4-5 feet apart in two rows. Those trees have never really taken off, and I have never even lopped them off to stimulate suckers. I may do that this year as I need to re-mulch them with wood chips anyway. When I visited Geneva they had stooled trees crowded up against each other with soil mounded up against the trees in a single row, so I expect my stooling row spacing is unnecessarily wide.


How did everybody’s stool bed turn out? I’m about to start mine and still have so many questions LOL. Might just say screw it and t a pots rock down to ground level and see what happens!