Nut identification

I found a whole bunch today but I’m not very familiar with nuts. Would anyone help identify them? I’m thinking the torpedo shaped ones are pecans. Are any of these good to eat or worth someone planting?


those are all Caryas. Im not great with hickories, but offhand Id guess

top row (from l to r)
1.pecan 2. mockernut

next row

  1. shellbark 2. shagbark 3. mockernut


  1. dunno 2. bitternut 3. shagbark

I am with @hobilus at not being great with hickories. The top left look to me to be pecan, and to me everything on the right half looks similar to what I see from hickory trees in this area.


I just tried running Google Lens on select parts of the image. One of the results led me back to the forum where someone had posted a picture of a hican nut.

Another selection led me to a Facebook page for the Kentucky Nut Growers Association, where I found this image:


Maybe those larger ones are hicans then. I’ve never even seen a hickory nut until this year even though the trees are common here. Pecans seem very rare in my corner of Pennsylvania.

Here are some hickories…

Top left shellbark… top right shagbark

Bottom left Mockernut… bottom right red hickory.

You have some shagbark just right of your quarter.

Your top left…look like pecans… not sure what the large brownish nuts are on the left… must be a nut we dont have here in my county.