Nutrient deficiency in Kishu?

The leaves should psuedo Nitrogen deficiency at the exact same time that the branches transitioned from round to triangle shaped.
Sulfate interfering with Iron is 1 of 4 different things that can cause this.
Manganese deficiency is not one of those 4 things.
This is Manganese deficiency. 20220623_144719
Manganese Sulfate in my opinion, will make the problem much worse!
I have been doing this research for 40 years.
Notice in the Manganese deficiency that the internodes are short & round, not long & triangular shaped.
I wish you the best of luck!!!

Is the Fluoride that is being discussed here,the same or similar to the stuff that some water departments add to drinking water?
I’m growing a few Mandarins,in containers and am wondering now about using what comes out of the tap.From reading online,there are ways to find out about the content.
Will Citric acid help remove some of it?

If it were mine, I would apply more osmocote plus, which has manganese in it. It says to use one scoopful per 2 gallons. I would start out with about half that amount, since the coating wears off faster in wet and hot temperature. Usually about half the time it shows on the bag. You should see improvements in a couple of weeks. I have use osmocote on rooted cuttings of lime and meyers lemon, and on a mandarin on the root stock that Becnels uses. I have not heard of anyone around here having problems with applying osmocote to citrus, in fact that apparently is what Becnels uses on its citrus when you buy them. It looks like osmocote anyway.

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Thanks for the posts. Interesting thinking about the issue. Assuming it is psuedo Nitrogen deficiency caused by Sulfate interfering, what would be your recommendation to fix it? Simply water more to flush out?

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Thanks for the recommendation. Since it is really hot now, I probably will spray the leaves with a small dose of manganese and see if it works. Osmocote may be later.

Normally (Sodium or Potassium) Floride is used to treat teeth.
I hope that it is not put in drinking water as causes a very severe painful type of arthritis!

What is in the Osmocote is Calcium Floride which is far worse than Sodium Floride & Osmocote 14-14-14 is upto 1% Calcium Floride!
Citric acid 3.2pH won’t remove it.
But it will stimulate the plant to sweat toxins out of the leaf perimeters early in the morning.
1 teaspoon per gallon will help new leaves do this.
But there isn’t a way to make Floride non toxic.
Floride also increases the water solubility of Uranium.
Uranium is found in areas of the south west USA which have yellow & green granite.
This is Arizona uranium.

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1 teaspoon Citric acid every time you water.
(1/4) Iron-EDDHA per month until recovered.
(1/2) teaspoon of TripleSuperPhosphate or Bone Meal per month with the Iron-EDDHA & Citric Acid.
Citric acid will keep Potassium Sulfate & Magnesium Sulfate & Magnesium Oxide from precipitating Iron.
Recovery will take time.
The damaged leaves will never recover.
But new leaves will return to normal.

1 branch only.
Do another branch with:
(1 teaspoon Citric Acid, (1/8) teaspoon Iron-EDDHA & 5 drops of Glycerin) in a gallon water.
If it was early spring I would recommend (1/100) teaspoon of Borax in the mix too.
But never above 80°F as Borax can scorch.

If you are growing in a container, you are going to have to provide all the nutrients your plant needs, since potting mixes do not have any natural fertility. Plus you are putting in a massive amount of water,(compared to in ground) so it will leach out any nutrients that may be added. That is why you have slow release fertilizer, or fertilize lightly about every week or two. Do not over think this. Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro is a very good liquid fertilizer if you do not want to use osmacote or miracle gro.

Trying to get all the nutrients in the right ratio on your own if very difficult. Leave it to the people getting paid big money. See what works for you. And you can have more than one nutrient deficiency at a time. I still think that you were under feeding the citrus and this is what is causing your problems. Too much can cause salt build up. I tend to use the leaser amount that the package recommends, and increase if I am not satisfied with the results.

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@garybeaumont ,
A much better choice, far better balanced.
However, EDTA is an inferior chelate not compatible with high pH water sources.
So it has a very limited environment in which it is an awesome choice.
(A big improvement over Miracle-Gro or Osmocote)