NY9 plums (New York 9 prunus domestica)

Hi! I thought I should share some pictures of my first NY9 harvest with you guys!

I live in Qc, Canadian zone 5a (prob USDA 4B).

This tree is upright, vigorous, seems pretty disease resistant and very prolific. The fruits are very good to me, but to tell you the truth, blue plums are not that popular around here and I can only compare them to Mont-Royal and Italian. So to me, NY9 plums are better than Mont-Royals’ but not as good as Italians’. They reached 17 brix, which was very nice, but a couple of years ago, I was given a basket of home grown Italian plums that were around 22 brix and they were amaizing. NY9 have the great advantage of ripening earlier than Italian (early septembre here). ny9 1 ny9 2 ny9 3 ny9 4 ny9 5