Oak mites in Kansas- you don't want them!

You don’t want them! http://ento.psu.edu/extension/factsheets/leaf-gall-itch-mite. More about them Pyemotes herfsi - Wikipedia. Every town in Kansas has this same story http://www.kansas.com/news/weather/article115565798.html

It says they prey on insects, do they eat PC?

Oh itch! Had them here about 10 years ago

That’s a great question Derby. I tried to find what they prey on, but could find any evidence they prey on beetles, so PC are probably safe to forage around the oak mites :disappointed:

I heard someone talking about oak mites just today. They are a bit itchy and cause me to have a raised welt, but I haven’t found they are any worse than chiggers, mosquitoes, or tick bites. As Clark can attest, we have lots of insects here which love to bite your skin.

I suppose one difference of the oak mites is that you can get more bites at a time while working under an oak tree. My wife has a coworker who said when he mowed under his oak this summer, he would wear long sleeved coveralls taped at the ankles and wrists.

I think like many things which irritate your skin, the severity of the reaction depends on the person. My wife won’t go out without bug spray during chigger season. They love her skin. Same thing with oak mites. I’ve read that women and children have thinner skin (literally, not figuratively) compared to men, and so are more susc. to bites of this nature.

We just cut down a big oak close to my house and my wife was pleased with the aspect of removing a host so close to the house.