Odd fertilizers

Since France is so anti-chemical. I have been trying some interesting biodégradable fertilizers, Each box or small bag should have a warning label, ‘Stinks to high heaven and your dog will want to roll in it or eat it!’!

The first which had a milder but strong oder was made from sheep poo and wool. OMG after three days the smell calmed down, even after mixing it with soil.

The second which I just put on three days ago, I can smell through wind leaks in my doors and windows, was a 7 Euro small bag called. Bull’s Gold. A gotta have for me. How could a fertilizer in such a small bag be so powerful in scent?

First of all while spreading it my dog is going crazy on each pot and eating as much of it as possible until I had to put her in the house. Bull’s Gold is chopped up and roasted Bull’s horns and hooves. This one was the killer, I can still smell it through my windows. I am surprIsed my neighbors didn’t complain.

I was so used to non-smelling manure in the States that came in bags. I figured what the heck. Low and behold the Bull’s Gold, made my strawberries grow like crazy in two days and I put it on everything except citrus which takes a more civilized non-smelling fertilizer. Surely would not want to ever work in the Bull’s Gold factory, but its great stuff!


LOL, yeah my dogs go nuts over organic fertilizers. They also have cow hooves, buffalo horns and deer antlers to chew on to keep them busy and those stink after they have been going at them for a while so I feel your pain.

I tried the organic route with indoor plants by using liquid fish fertilizer one time - never again.


LOL. The laugh is always on us!

dried ground cow manure can usualy also be bought. And especially if mixing it into the soil does not smell that bad.

For larger amounts spent mushroom compost/manure. is also an option. Although somtimes it can contain toxines etc :frowning:

vinesse kali. And rock phosphate also don’t smeel :slight_smile:

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You mean compared to the strawberries you didn’t apply it to?

Does the label mention water soluble N content? To my knowledge, that is the only plant nutrient that would create the growth response you suggest, although it should have taken more than 2 days as I understand the process. Of course, soil warmth and sun could also be the instigator.

You can purchase it here, but strangely, I cannot find specifics on the % of water soluble N, perhaps because it is variable, but always the minority form. Slow release is OK for establishing trees but for established fruit trees spring release is the goal for fruit production.