Odd Leaf Arrangements

This is a 1 year old fig tree that was killed to the ground last October in an early freeze. One sucker has 2 leaves per node on most nodes or maybe just 2 nodes stacked onto each other. It seems to really dwarf the growth.

Guessing this is a temporary mutation. Would be cool to keep it going but I bet it grows out of it. Anybody else see something like this before?

Sometimes that happens when I pinch my figs.

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So maybe it is hormone related? I’ve seen some deformed growths after pinching but never this, I remove the tips more often than pinch though.

Went out and looked harder at it today and 2/3 of the growths are actually doing it, they are right next to each other on the base of the trunk the other is at the bottom. Some of the leaves were damaged by frost but the buds seemed to be fine.