Off topic: deck flowers


My large plumeria plant needs different colors, grafted the first one, a red one yesterday, need 3 more colors. Hard to find. Keep looking.
Than there is this rose, that need a companion, a perfect bright yellow one. Need a large bush to match.


There is a David Austin rose called Graham Thomas that I think will match what you are looking for. It is a very beautiful, fragrant yellow rose and a repeated bloomer.


Tippy, I use to grow nothing but D/ A roses. I know about G/ T very well. So I will go with that one.
I just like to find the proper rootstock. There are 2 varieties, one for the west coast, the other the East.
The one I use is the east coast one. I believe is Dr, Huey, might not spelled right.
Btw, Tippy, I am going to give up on sweet cherries. I just buy them when they are in season.


Do you have a picture of your plumeria in bloom? Does it flower well for you?


Yes, Dr. Huey rose is very common rootstock where I am as it is cold hardy. I used to grow some DA roses including GT. Then, I have to choose between expaning my orchard or roses :grin:. The orchard won.

I personally think you made the right choice in abandoning growing sweet cherries. It is not worth an effort, IMHO.


Yes, they flower well for me. Key is, they flower on older wood, if you prune heavy, you will get more branching but no flowers till the following year. Put mine in the garage for the winter.
Plumeria in the picture will be covered in bloom this summer, white with yellow center. A common one.


Been thinking about getting one I’m not the greatest with potted plants and it would have to overwinter in garage. Judging that picture you take of your potted plants well