OFM on Spice Zee Nectaplum this late?

The tips of some new growth on my spice zee nectaplum developed the “shepherd hook flop”.

This happened this lask week. We did have one night that might have hit the mid 20’s.

Do you think this is late OFM or freeze damage.

That looks like freeze damage. The main issue is that they were still growing rapidly. That’s a very vigorous cultivar. Hope it survives the winter.

If OFM the stem tip would be hollow and a worm inside.


Thanx, no worm no hollow.

95% of the three turned from spring red to late summer green. Most of the branches that these are on are green below. This tree survived last winter below 0 temps here in upstate NY. Here’s hoping for this winter.


Mine has no leaves. Must be because its growing in a container. My Puget Gold apricot still thinks its summer. Almost all of my pot grown trees have no leaves or just a few hanging.

My limited experience with freeze burned tips is that it has no affect on wood below it. I don’t see how it would affect the trees ability to make it through winter. Lower damage is what’s dangerous.