OGW ZigZag Jujubee

Same Latin name as the SO Contorted but a different given name. Is this the same tree or a completely different one? I’ve always wanted a Contorted and I’d love to know if this might be better.



My guess is that it is a seedling of So that has “proven itself” as a good fruit producer with pleasing contorted attributes. I have a So seedling that has the contortion and I’m waiting to see what the fruit will do. “So” far the fruit has been good on a very young tree. I’m sure that’s what they have come up with with fruit good enough to market. Here are pictures of my seedling.


I was wondering the same thing and had theorized it was just an offspring. Price wise, it is a lot cheaper than what they are selling so contorted for, so there is that. So far i am liking my So Contorted more than honey jar or sugar cane.

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I guess new jujubes aren’t too hard to market, as they’ve sold out pretty quickly. I was still on the fence about adding it (and leaning against it, given how long it takes a 1 gal juju to size up). They had 51 in stock when they sent an email about it on 1/28, 6 days ago.

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I guess so! I’m upset you didn’t get one because I want to know how good the fruit is! :joy:. I have one contorted seedling fruiting and should have another one this year. So I’m holding out to see if mine are good. Were those grafted trees? I assume they were.

I really wanted to get one but my fiancée would have probably killed me. We went from about 16 trees when we bought the property to about 50 or so in two years. I have room for maybe 3 more trees that need full sun. I could relocate a few shrubs to fit in more but I’m saving that as a last resort.

I was looking at ordering some stuff from OGW and they seem to be sold out of a lot of stuff. I guess demand is still high!

My So fruits more reliably than my Honey Jar or Sugar Cane. The fruits are also larger.


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OGW seems to sell out pretty fast. i knew that i wanted to get some jujubes for my in-laws, so i snagged two of these (one for me one for them) since they were cheaper than contorted. So hopefully in a few years it will ben worth it.