Oh Snap

I called my self doing some branch training and ended up snapping off the flavor grenade branch of my 4x1 pulot from raintree. The bud/branch did not completely separate but I estimate its a least a 50% separation. I immediately grab the twin and started tied it in place. Crossing my fingers.

Can you see the pealing bark below the break? is that a problem I am unaware of? the rootstock is St. Julian A

Documenting lifes failures.

Hard to say from the photo but maybe a spot of sunburn. Some plums are sensitive to trunk burning.

Get some sealant on the break so it doesn’t dry out.

I feel your pain. I did that trying to spread branches on my Kidd’s Orange Red apple tree a couple years back. Set me back on fruit a year because I had to cut out the leader.

Oh wow, sorry to see that, hope it heals up. I’m going to have to do some branch bending and hinging soon, and hope I don’t break anything.

I attended a demo at a commercial orchard once. They were demonstrating the spindle system on a row of honeycrisp. The guy bent the first branch to the wire and … snap!

Made me realize it could happen to anyone

Those pluots tend to grow upward, I gave up and just let them go. I directed growth by pruning to an outward bud. It works. . The plum trees seem to be a lot stronger than peach, yet you snapped it all the same!

I used this spray which seems to be the same as flex seal

That year the broken branch produced my one and only plum

But not to be out done. I boke of my blue Pearmain graft yesterday. Hopefully I can recover too.


I think it more normal then not. The branch knows its a goner and is trying to reproduce hard one last time.


I had a branch break in a storm over a year ago that was hanging by a thread. Branch wound up being fine just took some tlc.

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