O'Henry Struggles

Fall is coming rapidly to Spokane. Highs in the 60’s and 70’s with lows in the 30’s and 40’s. I picked quite a few O’Henrys off of my third year tree today. They look great, but some parts of the peach are getting a little mushy while the rest is still quite firm. They are sweet, but definately have some green flavor remaining. I may pick the rest and see how they finish up on the counter. Not sure. I have yet to successfully ripen a peach here that is later than +24 vs Redhaven…


Those look great, wish I had some O Henery left, great peach. We are eating Fairtime here now, good peach, but nothing like the better mid season peaches.

Thanks Jon! Funny that your mid season peach is my late season peach.

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I also have a 3 year O’Henry. Last year I harvested half a dozen very good tasting fruit. This year I thinned about 75% and had a couple dozen very very large fruit. The taste this year was disappointing. I think I watered too much. My O’Henrys were ripe 1st week of September, I’m surprised they were earlier than yours. I’m in the B.C Okanagan.


Wow. What a peach! You might actually get more heat in Okanogan Valley than I get in Spokane, even if you are 120 miles farther North. I am confident that you get less cloudy days. Actually, how can a peach not grow well in a place named Peachland? :smiley:
You are probably right about the water. It’s always hard not to over water.

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