OHxF 333 pear rootstock follow up


I have a few things on OHxF333: Ayers, Bartlett, Clapps Fav, German A, Japanese Golden Russet, Kieffer, Magness, Moonglow, Nova & Patten (32 trees total on 333). It’s one of the more vigorous of my 5 pear rootstocks (97, 87, Quince, Amelanchier). I’ve been happy with it in my sandy soil. Too early to address fruiting, and I need to get these planted out this spring. There are 61 pear to the left in this photo on 4 of the 5 rootstocks. The tree on the end that’s nicely feathered is Ayers on 333, first in line catching the southern exposure.


@AndySmith How old are they? Where did you score the Amelanchier from? Are they from the ones that have specifically been trialed as pear rootstocks or you just found some serviceberry whips and grafted onto them? I’ve been searching for the trial ones but couldn’t find anything for sale and all but gave up.

How long until you plan on transplanting them?


I believe they were grafted spring 2018. They’ve been here 1-2 years longer than I had intended, but we were delayed in getting the orchard site cleared. I expect to begin planting out this spring.

Nothing in the nursery bed is on Amelanchier. Amelanchier canandensis grows here naturally, and since it’s usually a multi-trunk tree I have a habit of cutting off one trunk and grafting a pear to it. I’ve done this around the house and had very good takes, however, these are left unprotected and regularly get eaten off by deer.


I have a Maxine, Giant Turnbull and an Asian pear all on Callery pear roots. The graft is really good and they grow well.


Sierra Gold nursery was selling Amelanchier pear rootstock rootstock. You can check out there website. Though they only sell wholesale