Oil and Copper spray

With all the talk and pics of late of people harvesting fruit it may seem a bit odd, but my apple and pear trees are just starting to break buds. The pears and a few of the more advanced apples are at maybe 3/8 to 1/2" of green coming out of the buds, but most are just at green tip.

It looks like I have a narrow no rain window tomorrow, and I was planning on spraying a “dormant” oil (mixed at the growing plant level) it will be the first oil type spray this spring for me. And I was hoping to add some copper for fire blight protection, in the form of Southerns liquid copper (copper diammonia diacetate).

So my question is, does anyone have any suggestions/advice about combining these two in a single spray application?

Sure, just put them both in the same tank. I would spray oil (and copper) at dormant strength, I think up to 1/2" green you can use full dormant strength.

Hi I used southern ag liquid copper and dormant oil together back in March and clogged 2 Chaplin hose end sprayers. What kind of tanks can spray both together without clogging? It was worth it because despite cost, the peach leaf curl is gone!

Thanks guys. Did spray them together. And I got done in time for it to dry before our afternoon T-storm.

@scottfsmith, I did use the growing dilution, because when I went to look again, some of the buds were beyond the 1/2: stage. And I figured I’d rather be dealing with a few more insects than leaf burn.

And @Nassauguy26, I did not get any clogging; I was using a backpack sprayer with one of the rubber disks with tiny hole as a nozzle. But these tips almost never clog as the sand or particle just pushes thru most of the time.