"Oily" tree trunk

A guy in Malaysia sent me this photo of an apple tree trunk he describes as “oily” or “greasy”. Never seen anything like that here, any guesses?

Looks like it is just on the root stock. I would guess that it was wax dipped or sealed with something else when it was grafted. I seal all my bench grafts with wax and some of them can hold that wax for a year or more.

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I don’t have an answer but a question.

Was that rice husk around the base of the tree?

Undoubtedly those are rice husks, which must be in great supply there.

No idea…but it looks fine to me.

It looks like some kind of snail slime but it will probably be some kind of chemical/fertilizer (or reaction to it) he is using while watering etc. Never seen anything like that either.