Ok to plant sh2 corn at this soil temp?

I want to plant corn, but it has been chilly. Took my soul temp at 2” and 4”. It’s better than I thought…ok to plant sh2 corn?

image image

Top is 4” depth, bottom is 2”.

I’m no expert but I’m putting in my se candy corn treated seed this Weekend. It’s been a cold spring but I don’t want to wait longer

It’s prob okay at those temps, provided they don’t drop too much. I doubt there will be any more freezes here on out at your location.

If it’s sh2, what variety? We have grown Honey Select, which is sh2. It’s a very good variety.


It’s still going to be cool though. I’ll get very slow growth.

Cooler there. We are 44-82 projected range for next week.

I’ve never seen this persistent of cool weather this late in the season here.


True. But, it looks like we are clear of freezes for the next week, so we could plant some things. But, it’s also been very wet. Seems like we get one nice day, then two days of rain. I plowed my plots last Wed, but they’re way too muddy to disk. I really want to get that done soon so we can get our seed potatoes in the ground.

I’m not going to bother yet. Forecast revised to show mostly mid to upper 50s for highs (lows around 40) for about six straight days after Monday. Nothing will grow at those temps.

This is the most miserable May weather I’ve seen since 1997 in Ohio.

I was going to say wait but I see that you are :smile: People around here wait for at least til mid May and I live farther South than you. Until the ground is warm enough corn just doesn’t like to cooperate.

When the lows show upper 50s and low 60s that is when I would start thinking about planting corn :+1:

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So how do local farmers stands get corn in June here? Low tunnels?

You actually may have a warmer climate than I do here :man_shrugging: the Cumberland Plateau seems to have its own weather and that may have something to do with it. I never see farmers here with corn that early. The commercial farmers moatly grow beans here. I was referring to everyone that grows a garden.