Okitsu Satsuma Mandarin, anyone?

Hello again,
I’m planning for my next year gardening and came across this plant. A few online sellers indicate that it can be grown in zone 8a. Does anyone here have this plant? If so, is it ok for 8a and does it taste good? Thanks.

I have Satsuma in zone 8b in pot and it stays outside all winter long and does not suffer from any winter freeze. It’s also top tasting mandarin. Just added a small Arctic Frost. Apparently, There’s more than one variety of Satsuma. If you could get it, Arctic Frost is the most cold-Hardy.

Any idea where in Texas one could buy Arctic Frost via mailorder?

These new Satsuma varieties are fairly new on market. They had them at Whole Foods in Austin during the early summer.
Since you are in Alpine TX you might be able to find a close retailer using the superstar guide. http://texassuperstar.com/retailers/index.html
Too many restrictions on shipping citrus these days, even within TX.

Found this guy

Sas thank you that’s very helpful…!!

Does it taste good? Sweet?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but could a Satsuma be container grown in colder climates (zone 6b) and brought into a cold, dark room in the winter? I have a workshop room that is in the 40’s where I keep my potted figs, but is generally dark unless I’m in there doing something.

I don’t think the dark part would be feasible. My potted greenhouse citrus has done fine with 30s at night and 50s by day, the same as the central valleys of CA where citrus does great. But that’s with good light during the daytime.

Many people fail with citrus in winter. Getting the light and temperature right seems to be the sticky issue.

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Thanks Steve, I figured as much. I used to have a Meyer Lemon that did ok, but I struggled with it every winter despite a south facing bay window. It now lives in someone’s greenhouse.

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It is a top tasting mandarin that easily matches what you might find in the grocery store. I usually pick mine a little early so they have a strong lemony flavor.

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Thanks Sas.

Bob Wells Nursery in Lindale, Texas sells Arctic Frost and Orange Frost and can ship inside of Texas. They are expensive, $69.50 plus a flat rate of $35.00 for shipping.

Ouch, bought my last citrus from Costco for $8.99.